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Hamid Karrari improved performance of analog-to-digital converters.


Hamid Karrari

Title of thesis: Analog-to-Digital Converters for High-Speed Applications

Link to thesis in Lund University Research Portal.

Defence: Friday June 14th, 09:15, room E:1406.
Zoom link.  Zoom ID: 67608675506.

Describe your research in a popular science way

The rapid transmission of information and data has fundamentally transformed our world. While we once imagined the internet creating a global village, the current reality surpasses this vision; it has compressed this village into the confines of our homes. This transformation is largely attributed to the ability to wirelessly transfer high data rates and perform complex functions on the data in the digital domain. Digital processing offers many advantages, such as seamless and flawless data storage, reconfigurability, and programmability. Consequently, it is desired to transform analog signals into digital to leverage the advantages of digital signal processing. However, real-world phenomena are mostly analog. The interface bridging these two domains is known as an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). High-speed and high-resolution ADCs are crucial in communication systems for efficiently sampling the analog signals, preserving signal accuracy, maximizing spectral efficiency, enabling advanced signal processing, and meeting the demands of modern communication standards such as 5G and beyond. Our research journey delved into the intricacies of ADC design, leveraging CMOS technology to push the boundaries of speed and resolution. By harnessing innovative methodologies and cutting-edge techniques, we endeavored to enhance the performance of ADCs, striving to achieve high levels of accuracy and efficiency in the data conversion.

What made you want to pursue a PhD?

Ever since I started my bachelor's degree, I always wanted to get a PhD. To see what is at the end of this road. After finishing my Master's, it was decision time: industry or academia? I weighed the options, and since teaching is another passion of mine, the PhD totally won!

What are your plans?

While in the past few months I have been very busy meeting multiple deadlines, it has been a period of immense growth. Now that things have settled, I'm at a crossroads – academia versus industry. I am still weighing the pros and cons of each path to find out what truly motivates me now: the theoretical exploration of academia or the practical problem-solving of industry?