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Ericsson joins as a member of Mapci


Ericsson enters as a member of MAPCI 

We are pleased to announce that Ericsson decided, right before Christmas, to join as a member of MAPCI. There is a significant addition to our business, both for research and innovation in the areas of mobility, wireless technology, the Internet of Things, cloud technology and its applications. That Ericsson decided to join MAPCI is an important milestone for the revitalization of research and development in the mobile technology that aims to develop innovative new products and services. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation with Ericsson and our other partners. (Sten Minör, Innovation Director MAPCI)

Bjorn Landfeldt, Research Director, MAPCI comment the news:

Ericsson’s membership is of course a significant addition to MAPCI. The membership brings a highly exciting and unique constitution of partners with world leading expertise. Among the MAPCI partners we now cover the entire value chain from media production via distribution and mobile systems to smart devices and users. Through Region Skåne we further have a partner with responsibility for some of the most promising application areas of the MAPCI research and innovation, such as healthcare and public transportation. Coupled with the expertise among Lund University researchers we are in in a position where we can carry out ground breaking research and innovation in mobile systems and their application..

Björn Ekelund, Ericsson, says:

After a few years of turmoil, Ericsson in Lund is now entering a phase where we are very tangible contribution to the Group's core business. With this new and strengthened role becomes bands to research on MAPCI very clear. Ericsson and Lund University has previously close ties, for example, through a number of adjunct professors. Ericsson is now very pleased to be able to add MAPCI to the list of collaborations.