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Abinaya makes new transistors


Abinaya Krishnaraja

Why do the mobile phones today have a bad battery life? Are we just polishing up the old school transistors to quench the thirst of today’s technology? This thesis work focused towards developing unconventional low power transistors that can operate at low voltages reducing the power consumption of future electronic gadgets.

Date of dissertation: 26/05/2023, 09:15, E-house, room E1406.

Title of thesis: Vertical III-V Nanowire Transistors for Low-Power Electronics

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What made you want to pursue a PhD?

Research into futuristic technology that are unavailable currently to general user was the idea that fascinated me to pursue a PhD. Developing transistors from small structures such as nanowires at the institution that is well-renowned internationally for its expertise in the corresponding research field made the project more attractive to take up on.

What is the most fascinating or interesting with your thesis subject?

In this thesis, we study the physical phenomena governing the current conduction in these devices through structural and electrical characterization and utilize the knowledge to improve their electrical performance to be competitive with the conventional transistors.

Do you believe some results from your research will be applied in practice eventually? And if so, how / how?

The results from the project provide deeper insights into the material choice and device design considerations for these novel transistor technologies that can be tuned for specific applications. These understandings could help in the future developments within the research field.

What are your plans?

My fascination for innovative technology that takes society forward combined with my interest in creative writing have made me excited about patents. I will start working as a Patent consultant at Valea in Malmö after my PhD studies.