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Martin Hell som berättar om vad som händer bakom the Dark Web, där man tydligen kan köpa helt sjuka grejer...


ELLIIT triples in size! • ELLIIT workshop 2019 in Karlskrona • ELLIIT 2030 Technology Foresight • ELLIIT-forskare varnar för komplexa coronamodeller • Estimating value of autonomus vehicle handling in terms of saved lives • Can...


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På Campus Helsingborg tar man nu krafttag mot fimparna. Med hjälp av ett tickande räkneverk på en internetuppkopplad askkopp ska cigarettstumparna hållas borta från gatorna.


Smaller, cheaper wireless units that don’t waste energy and money would definitely make both users and service providers happier – and be good for the environment. Muris Sarajlić PhD thesis deals with strategies for reducing...[more]


Small sensors do a big job. Increasing numbers of things can now be controlled and measured, detected and regulated via small sensors on machines, in nature or in and on our bodies. These sensors gather and transmit large amounts...


Debricked, in cooperation with the Department of Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University, hosted a Capture the Flag competition for students at the university. The event attracted more than 50 students from 8...


ELLIIT workshop • Deep learning vulnerable to adversarial attacks • AIML@LU • BTH ranked high in Software engineering • 2019 Swedish Communication Technologies Workshop in Lund


The chip in the middle of the picture, is 0.9 mm times 0.9 mm.

The number of cell phone subscriptions in the world already outnumber the people by a few hundred million. In the future, machines, appliances and medical implants, etc. are also expected to have their own subscriptions. In each...[more]


Sex forskare mottog medaljer och priser för sina arbeten i botanik, naturvetenskap i vid bemärkelse, kemi, matematik och tillämpad elektronik vid Kungliga Fysiografiska Sällskapet i Lunds årshögtid.

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