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Portrait. Martin Gunnarsson.

The Internet of Things requires a large number of small, inexpensive devices to be connected. To do this with a sufficient level of security is a major challenge that Martin Gunnarsson has taken on. He defends his PhD thesis...[more]


Portrait. Qiuyan Liang.

Wireless transmissions can be drastically improved by antennas with high gain and beam steering capability. Qiuyan Liang has investigated how such antennas can be designed in an efficient manner.   On March 24 at 9.15 she...[more]


Portrait. Pegah Nikbakht Bideh.

Downloading, preparing to install… we have all seen these messages when updating our various devices, but what is really happening? How do we make sure the update can be trusted? Pegah Nikbakht Bideh knows, and has developed...[more]


Portrait. Sara Willhammar.

Do you need a reliable connection? Sara Willhammar knows how to do it: by using a lot of antennas, wireless connections can be established even in an industrial environment with much scattering and interference. On December 9 at...[more]


Portrait. Muhammad Umar Farooq.

Ever wondered how your precious data survive a noisy transmission with maintained quality? Muhammad Umar Farooq can tell you, and how current technologies can be improved.   On November 25 at 9.15 he defends his PhD thesis...[more]


How should we collaborate on a national strategy for semiconductors? The answer could be closer than we think. After the panel discussion during “Politics Week” in Almedalen, Lund University is now taking the first step towards...[more]


Between 5th of May to 9th of May, researchers from departments of Electrical and Information Technology (EIT), Computer Science and Automatic Control and Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Lund University conducted an extensive...[more]


I Lund finns världsledande forskning inom både kretsdesign, nya material och algoritmer som utnyttjar egenskaperna för halvledarkomponenter. Här finns dessutom en stark infrastruktur för både grundforskning och nya innovationer,...


Utan effektiva, energisnåla och specialanpassade chip riskerar både digitaliseringen och de energibesparingar som krävs för en grön omställning att undergrävas eller utebli. Sverige måste engagera sig i samarbeten om...


En mångårig flaskhals inom teknikutveckling har varit hur man ska få processorer och minnen att arbeta snabbare tillsammans. Nu har forskare vid LTH presenterat en ny lösning där en minnescell är integrerad med processorn, så att...[more]

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