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Lufoss scholars

Lufoss Scholarships October 2016

Erik Gärtner
Niklas Fors
Oskar Wickström

LUFOSS Undergraduate student scholarship 2016 to Erik Gärtner

Erik Gärtner is a Computer Science student at Lund University and currently an exchange student at Georgia Tech in USA. He has contributed with several open source projects relating to graph theory and natural language processing. His two most popular projects is the graph visualization library dTree as well as a sentiment analysis library called Sentimental. He is also an eager bug fixer in many open source projects.  

LUFOSS PhD Student scholarship 2016 to Niklas Fors

Niklas Fors is a PhD student in Computer Science at Lund University. As a result of a collaboration with industry, Niklas has developed Bloqqi, a new language for feature-oriented programming of automation systems. Bloqqi is an open-source project  and includes both a compiler and a visual editor for the language. Niklas has also contributed to several other open source projects, in particular to the metacompilers JastAdd and JavaRAG.

LUFOSS Junior software engineer scholarship 2016 to Oskar Wickström

Oskar Wickström is an autodidact developer currently working at Empear. Oskar has started several open source projects including the Oden programming language, the DataFlow visualization tool, and the testing framework purescript-spec, and he contributes to various other open source projects. He is also a member of the Øredev Developer Conference program committee and was a speaker at Curry On Rome, PolyConf, LambdaWorld, and Foo Café.

Lufoss 2016 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Lufoss Scholarships December 2015

Lufoss scholars December 2015. From left Fatima Abou Alpha, Pierre Moreau, Vanja Tufvesson and Mateo Gianolio.

Student Scholarship 10.000 SEK

Mateo Gianolio is a Lund University student. Since 2014 he has managed to capture the interests of  others developers, and many have contributed to his creations. Mateo has, among other things, developed a library of linear algebra, a chat client with built-in encryption and libraries with neural network for character recognition.

Organisation Award 2 x 5.000 SEK

Pink Programming represented by its co-founder Vanja Tufvesson
Pink Programming works long term to broaden recruitment to remedy the shortage of developers in general and female developers in particular. Vanja Tufvesson shares open examples and exercises that make it easy to get started with programming.

Code@LTH represented by its co-founder Fatima Abou Alpha
Code @ LTH promotes the pleasures of coding and open-source software and helps engineers get started with a code portfolio on GitHub. Fatima has helped to launch the Code@LTH organisation and also helped children learn to program at Lund University's Science Center Vattenhallen. She has also taught new immigrants in programming in Rosengård, Malmö. Currently Fatima is working to arrange a meeting with the Association DataTjej, while she also is a teaching assistant in programming at LTH.

PhD Student Award 5.000 SEK

Pierre Moreau is a PhD student in computer graphics at the department of computer science at Lund University. Pierre has contributed to the Linux kernel with important bug fixes in a graphics driver. Pierre is also contributing to a library for utilizing graphic processors to do heavy parallel computations.

Lufoss Scholars May 2015

Lufoss scholars May 2015. From left: Jesper Öqvist, Erik Bjäreholt och Jacob Burenstam.

Student Scholarship 10.000 SEK

Erik Bjäreholt won the LUFOSS student award. Through his broad engagement with open source  he has showed how everyone with coding competence can contribute in both large and small to both pet projects and major global coding communities.

PhD Student Scholarship 5.000 SEK

Jesper Öqvist, who won the LUFOSS graduate student award, has developed the  minecraft renderer Chunky, which can automatically generate high-resolution images from the player's own minecraft world. The renderer has quickly become popular among minecraft players who want to make pictures of their own worlds. Chunky has over 150 000 downloads! Jesper is also a development manager for the Java compiler JastAddJ, which is easy to expand and is used in programming language research. Jesper Öqvist is a doctoral student in computer science at Lund University.

Newly Graduated Engineer 5.000 SEK

Jacob Burenstam won the LUFOSS newly graduated engineer award. Jacob now works as a developer at Trialbee, but is also the founder of Jacob is actively contributing to the bitcoin community where he is responsible for the translation into Swedish. Jacob is also the creator of the git-story project, which simplifies the git workflow and helps git beginners to get started.