Leave from studies

If you need to temporarily leave your studies, with the intent of resuming them at a later time, you need to formally inform LTH by filling in the form "Application - Leave from studies". For the leave to be approved with a guaranteed available place for you when you return there need to be a valid reason for the temporary leave (see list below). If you are not granted a leave with a guaranteed place you can still be granted a study leave without guarantee and can return if there is a seat available. 

You can ask for a maximum leave of two semesters at a time. The application needs to be done well in advance before the study leave.

If you fail to apply for a study leave you risk loosing your seat in the programme. We usually do not approve any leave from studies in the first semester. 

Make sure to talk to your international coordinator about issues related to your study leave such as residence permit, insurance, tuition fees, course plan etc. 

Valid reasons and how to support them

  • social reasons – to be supported by a personal statement and/or other certificates that support your  case
  • medical reasons – supported by a certificate from a doctor
  • parental leave – supported by personal statements and the birth certificates of child and parent
  • military service – supported by a decision regarding this
  • probationary work within the military -  supported by a contract
  • work within the student union – supported by a certificate from the student union
  • deferred leave according to the law SFS 1974.981 – supported by a decision from your employer

You have the right to appeal the decision. 

Remember that you, as usual, need to apply for courses you want to study when you return, during the normal application periods. 

Termination of studies

If you wish to give up your place on the programme permanently, you are to report your termination of studies by filling in the form "Study drop out" on the page Forms.

Students who notify LTH of the interruption are allowed to complete the courses for which they are registered.

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