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Management and organisation

X-Lab has an organisation that assures that everything we do is taken care of in an efficient and effective way. 


  • Director: Charlotta Johnsson
  • Deputy Director: Anders Warell
  • Administrator: Hajnalkar Bodnar
  • Service and maintenance: Joachim Lubeck
  • Operations: Anders J Johansson 
  • Core-team manager: Henry Pigot
  • Lab assistants: Naftali Kennedy, Jacob de Fine Licht, Anton Miolin, Nora Lagström Jebara


Our organisation is shown in the figure below

Description of organizational structure

The organisation is structured in a number of groups, each one targeted to a dedicated task, and each one headed by a group-leader.  The group-leaders form the Management team. 


X-Lab has a board consisting of 8 members

  • Martin Tuner (Chairman): Vice dean LTH
  • Charlotte Sjödell: Design Sciences LTH
  • Maria Andersson: Corda AB
  • Rebecka Knutsson: TLTH, Student representative
  • Craig Mitchell: SKJ Centre for Enterpreneurship
  • Maja Lindh: Venture Lab, LU
  • Monica Almqvist: Science Center LU
  • Charlotta Johnsson (adjunct to the board): Director X-Lab

External Advisory Board

X-Lab has an external advisory board consisting of international representatives from highly ranked innvovation and makerspace initiatives.

  • Charlotte Johnsson Director (LU Sweden)
  • Anders Warell Deputy Driector (LU Sweden)
  • Mari Suoranta (Jyväkylää University, Finland)
  • Gjoko Muratovski (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Stine Kruse (DTU Denmark)
  • Olli Vuola (Finland)
  • Ikhlaq Sidhu (IE University, Spain)
  • Jun Jin (Zhejiang University, China)
  • Gilles Callebaut (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • Ken Singer (UC Berkeley, USA)
  • Olaf Diegel (Aukland, New Zeeland)
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