Management and organisation

X-Lab has an organisation that assures that everything we do is taken care of in an efficient and effective way. 


  • Director (10%): Charlotta Johnsson
  • Deputy Director (5%): Anders Warell
  • Project-coordinator (75%): Claes Dorthe
  • Service-assistant (50%): Peter Schamaun 
  • Head of Student-Core (50%): Andrej Zemtsovski and Mathilde von Gertten


Our organisation is shown in the figure below

The organisation is structured in a number of groups, each one targeted to a dedicated task, and each one headed by a group-leader.  The group-leaders form the management-team. 

Location material and equipment

  • Group-leader: Claes Dorthe
  • The main task of this group is to plan for the physical location (incl. design, construction and building) and procurement (equipment and material) for X-Lab, including the planning of X-Lab large scale. There entire construction of X-Lab, with its characteristic modules made in wood and plexi-glas, is designed and built by this group. 


  • Group-leader: Peter Schamaun
  • The main task of this group is to assure that the everyday activities are carried out in a well-organised manner.

Student Core

  • Group leader: Andrej Zemtsovski and Mathilde von Gertten
  • Student Core is a group of students that manages activities for students and other visitors. This group is also responsible for making students and collaborators aware of X-Lab and our upcoming activities.  The Student Core Group currently consists of approximately 15 students.  

Coordination with organisations

  • Group leader: Anders J Johansson
  • This group coordinates with other external organisations in order to find out if/how we can collaborate.  

Course coordination

  • Group leader: Anders Warell
  • This group manages the coordination of courses activities at X-Lab. There are a number of courses at LTH and LU that includes innovation-related activities and where X-Lab can be a valuable location for course activities.

Activity coordination

  • Group leader: Anders Warell
  • The main task of this group is to sculpture new activity-concepts, i.e. the group discusses when a new activity can be launched, which is the target group, financial aspects, marketing needed, etc.


X-Lab has a board consisting of 8 members

  • Martin Tuner (Chair): Assistant Dean LTH
  • Charlotte Sjödell: Design Sciences LTH
  • Monica Almqvist: Science Center LU
  • Ylva Lidin: Venture Lab, LU
  • Thomas Kalling: Sten K J Centre for Entrepreneurship, EHL
  • Maria Andersson: Corda AB
  • Filip Vannfält: Student organisation TLTH
  • Charlotta Johnsson (adjunct to the board): X-Lab

International Advisory Board

Soon to be announced

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