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Management and organisation

X-Lab has an organisation that assures that everything we do is taken care of in an efficient and effective way. 


  • Director (10%): Charlotta Johnsson
  • Deputy Director (10%): Anders Warell
  • Project-coordinator (75%): Claes Dorthe
  • Service-assistant (50%): Peter Schamaun (paternity leave)
  • Administrator (20%): Hajnalkar Bodnar
  • Technical assistant (5%): Henry Pigot
  • Amanuens (5*20%): Mathilde van Gerthen, Naftali Kennedy, Jacob de Fine Licht, Anton Miolin, Nora Lagström Jebara


Our organisation is shown in the figure below

Description of organizational structure

The organisation is structured in a number of groups, each one targeted to a dedicated task, and each one headed by a group-leader.  The group-leaders form the Management team. 


  • Group-leader: Claes Dorthe
  • The main task of this group is to plan for the physical location (incl. design, construction and building) and procurement (equipment and material) for X-Lab, including the planning of X-Lab large scale. There entire construction of X-Lab, with its characteristic modules made in wood and plexi-glas, is designed and built by this group. 


  • Group-leader: AndersJ Johansson (Peter Schamaun on paternity leave)
  • The main task of this group is to assure that the everyday activities are carried out in a well-organised manner.


  • Group leader: Harry Pigot
  • Student Core is a group of students that manages activities for students and visitors. This group is also responsible for making students and collaborators aware of X-Lab and our upcoming activities.  The Student Core Group currently consists of approximately 10 students.  

External Stakeholders

  • Group leader: Anders J Johansson
  • This group coordinates with other external organisations in order to find out if/how we can collaborate.  

Course coordination

  • Group leader: Anders Warell
  • This group manages the coordination of courses activities at X-Lab. There are a number of courses at LTH and LU that includes innovation-related activities and where X-Lab can be a valuable location for course activities.

Activity concepts

  • Group leader: Anders Warell
  • The main task of this group is to sculpture new activity-concepts, i.e. the group discusses when a new activity can be launched, which is the target group, financial aspects, marketing needed, etc.


X-Lab has a board consisting of 8 members

  • Martin Tuner (Chairman): Vice dean LTH
  • Charlotte Sjödell: Design Sciences LTH
  • Maria Andersson: Corda AB
  • Rebecka Knutsson: TLTH, Student representative
  • Craig Mitchell: SKJ Centre for Enterpreneurship
  • Maja Lindh: Venture Lab, LU
  • Monica Almqvist: Science Center LU
  • Charlotta Johnsson (adjunct to the board): Director X-Lab

External Advisory Board

X-Lab has an external advisory board consisting of international representatives from highly ranked innvovation and makerspace initiatives.

  • Stine Kruse (DTU Denmark)
  • Mari Suoranta (Jyväkylää University, Finland)
  • Olli Vuola (Finland)
  • Gilles Callebaut (KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • Ikhlaq Sidhu (IE University, Spain)
  • Ken Singer (UC Berkeley, USA)
  • Gjoko Muratovski (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Olaf Diegel (Aukland, New Zeeland)
  • Jun Jin (Zhejiang University, China)
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