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Sample requirements

  • The recommended RNA input is 100 ng for panels with <400 genes and 50 ng for panels >400 genes. The input might need to be modified depending on RNA quality
  • For FFPE or degraded RNA samples the recommended input is 300 ng.
  • The samples should be diluted to between 20-30 ng/uL in RNase-free water. Please contact us for required amount and volume for your experiment.
  • Samples should be delivered in eppendorf tubes or PCR strips and clearly labeled directly on the lid of the tube. 
  • RNA concentration and purity should be measured using a NanoDrop or other spectrophotometer. The A260/A280 ratio should be 1.7–2.3 and the A260/A230 ratio 1.8–2.3. If you want NanoDrop testing of your samples, please contact us.
  • We also recommend evaluating the integrity of the samples using a Bioanalyzer. Partially degraded samples can still be analyzed on the nCounter but the input amount might have to be increased.
  • For FFPE or highly degraded samples it is recommended that at least 50% of the RNA fragments are longer than 300 nucleotides. If you want Bioanalyzer analysis of your samples, please contact us.
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