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How to start a project

  • Send us an email describing your project and we will help with initial project planning. 
  • Under Sample Requirements you will find the requirements regarding RNA amounts and concentrations.
  • Nanostring gene expression projects are run in batches of 12 samples, please plan your experiments in batches of 12.
  • Always contact us before sending your samples. You will be placed in queue when we have received your samples.
  • Samples are accepted as quality tested total RNA. If you want NanoDrop o Bioanalyzer testing of your sample RNA please contact us. 
  • We recommend customers to use the free software nSolver offered by Nanostring for data analysis
  • We will store data and samples for one month after data delivery. After completion of the study it is the responsibility of the customer to pick up any remaining RNA within a month, or it will be disposed of without further notification.
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