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Conference theme

The conference broad scope and topics are organized around the broad conference theme of
Achieving Sustainable Construction Health and Safety.

Track and sub-tracks

Designing for Health and Safety
Prevention through construction design
Green design and safety

Role of stakeholders
Role of stakeholders
Universal language of health and safety 

Proactive health and safety
Powerful partnership: compliance and leadership
Management systems to improve health and safety
Strengthening safety culture
Promoting health and safety in procurement 

Reactive health and safety
Construction incident statistics and causation 

Creating an incident free work environment
Getting to goal zero
Physical planning of a construction site
Risk assessment and communication
Working condition 

Continuous education in health and safety
Education, training and continuous learning 

Behaviour-based safety
Activators for behaviourbased safety 

Occupational health and ergonomic
Occupational health in construction
Ergonomic innovations 

Technology and OHS
Technology and OHS
Integrating workers health and safety with BIM 

Quality work life
Quality work life
Well being 

Regulations and enforcement, CSR
Social responsibility in construction health and safety (CSR)
Health and safety in the supply chain (CSR)
Rules and regulations 




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