Plan your project

  • Start by contacting us to set up a meeting to discuss your project
  • Select morphology markers. Choose from Nanostrings morphology kits or select your own fluorescently labelled antibodies
  • If you want to use your own fluorescently labelled antibodies, contact us for recommendations and help on how to optimize your staining
  • Do you want to study RNA or protein expression, or both? For analysis of both RNA and protein you'll need two consecutive tissue sections 
  • Design the GeoMx assay for your project. For protein projects choose how many and which modules to include in your assay. Consider if you would you like to add custom probes to your assay
  • Prepare a strategy for the selection of regions of interest (ROI) on your slides. Consider the size and number of ROIs you need per morphology type and per slide and what type of ROIs you're interested in applying to your sections. See more about ROI selection here
  • Good sample quality and a well planned ROI selection strategy are key for a successful GeoMx project
  • These two papers by nanoString describe the GeoMx DSP instrument, slide preparation and ROI selection in detail and can be a great help in planning your project:
  • Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about running a GeoMx project
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