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GeoMx assays

Protein assays

It is possible to run up to 90 protein targets in each region of interest. The 18-20 target core is mandatory to include in each experiment. Select up to six additional modules, containing 8-10 targets in each, and add a custom module of needed.

Immunology and cancer

  • Immune cell profiling core - 18 targets
  • Immuno-oncology drug target
  • Immune activation status
  • Immune cell typing
  • Pan-tumor
  • Cell death
  • PI3K/AKT signaling
  • MAPK signaling


  • Neuro cell profiling core - 20 targets
  • Alzheimer’s pathology
  • Alzheimer’s pathology extended
  • Parkinson’s pathology
  • Autophagy
  • Glial cell subtyping

RNA assays

For RNA analysis there are three available panels to choose from. 


The protein assays and Immune pathways RNA panel use nCounter to quantitate the oligonucleotide tags whereas the larger CTA and WTA panels use next generation sequencing as read-out method. 

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