NanoString’s GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler combines standard immunofluorescence with digital optical barcoding to perform highly multiplexed, spatially resolved expression analysis of protein or RNA in tissue sections from FFPE or fresh frozen samples.

Analyze up to 90 protein targets within Immuno-oncology or Neuroscience or 1 830+ mRNA targets with the Cancer Transcriptome Atlas. Later this year the Whole Transcriptome Atlas covering 18 000 mRNA targets will be available.

The GeoMx DSP workflow starts with staining of the tissue section with up to four fluorescent markers to visualize the tissue morphology and with detection probes coupled to photocleavable target specific oligonucleotide tags. The tissue section is imaged and regions of interest (ROI) are selected for expression profiling, based on the morphology of the tissue. The ROIs are sequentially exposed to UV light, releasing the oligonucleotide tags, which are quantitated on the Nanostring nCounter instrument or through next generation sequencing. The counts of each target are mapped back to the tissue location, revealing the spatial expression patterns of the tissue.

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