The SpatialOmics@LU core facility is an open infrastructure that serves researchers with spatial expression analysis on the GeoMx DSP platform. SpatialOmics@LU is replacing the SCIBLU Genomics facility, which offered microarray based analyses.

The SpatialOmics@LU platform was established from a joint initiative backed by more than 42 principle investigators at Lund University. The equipment and basic running costs are funded during 2020-2023 by support from Lund University Infrastructure with 1.2 MSEK, the faculty of Engineering Infrastructure and strategic funding with 1.8 MSEK, the faculty of Medicine Infrastructure with 800 tSEK, and the strategic research environment BioCARE with 1.2 MSEK to support cancer projects at Lund University.

The facility is organized under the Department of Immunotechnology, where Prof. Sara Ek is responsible for the strategic governance.

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