2016-11-30 LUCAS breakfast seminar - Guided tour in the robot lab

When: 2016-11-30 09.00-10.00

Where: LTH, M-building, Seminar Room (floor 2)

Speaker: Anders Robertsson and Klas Nilsson et al.

As part of the European robotics week the robotics lab in the M-house at Lund University, arranges presentations and guided tours in the RobotLab, LTH.

Robotic systems are examples of real-time systems for which there is great demand for flexibility (in programming and configurability), making research relevant to several other types of long-term product development.

LTH Productive robotics lab interacts with industry locally and globally. Many of our ongoing and earlier research projects have given valuable results, and demonstrated the importance of full-scale experimental verification in close collaboration with industry.

Since five years a lot of the robotics research has been colocated in a lab, where comprehensive and effective activities links LTH departments and forms the basis for a continued close collaboration with companies, research institutes and universities through the world.


During the round tour we show examples of various kinds of robots, research challenges and their solutions.

For more information, contact:

Sidansvarig: Jonas.Wisbrant@cs.lth.se | 2016-11-07