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Metal 3D Printing is More Fun without Post-Processing


Tiny metal distillery

“It was a fun project because most of the stuff I work are more common engineering projects and, there is nothing at all wrong with that at all, but sometimes it’s nice just to be able to do something a bit more creative. Something that serves no real useful purpose, but is just plain fun!” - Olaf Diegel

When working with metal additive manufacturing, there’s no easy answer for the problem of post-processing. It’s time-consuming, it’s messy, it’s expensive, and it can be pretty painful. 

“I have been doing more and more metal AM components, and I have had literally bleeding hands from having to remove support material from parts,” says Olaf Diegel, Professor at Product Development at Design Sciences, Lund University.

“It has given me a really good understanding of why designing to minimize post-processing is so important,” he continues. “Post-processing is the current Achilles heel of metal AM, because it takes such a lot of time (and therefore money). But, if the parts are designed correctly, this post-processing can be minimized.”

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