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LUWater second meeting for activities in 2018


LUWater second meeting was held on 11th of Nov. at Law Faculty.

During second LUWater steering group meeting, activities for 2018 were decided with four steering group meetings during 2018 and two seminars one in the spring and one in the autumn for both internal and external communication.

The spring seminar will be focusing on the internal water researchers communication. Each senior water researcher is encouraged to give a 15 minutes pitch of what they need for their research advancement and wishes for research partners. In addition, each participant should bring a person with potential water research interest but hasn't been actively working with water projects.

The autumn seminar will be focusing on the external communication involving our partners such as Sweden Water Research, WIN (Water Innovation Accelerator) network and its companies, RISE, SVENSKAVATTEN, municipalities, water utilities and etc to present what they need from our water researchers and their challenges and opportunities. 

Many thanks to LUWater Law group Josefin Gooch for hosting this meeting!