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Useful information to the registration form

Payment process begins with the registration. Please follow the deadlines because the day you click on the “Send form” icon will be your registration day. We will define your conference fee (early bird fee, regular fee) according to the registration day and send you the invoice.  

Confirmation of registration
If you fill out the registration form correctly (all required fields need to be answered) and click on the "Send form" icon, you will get an e-mail with confirmation of registration. If you did not get any confirmation please register again and make sure you answer all question that are marked as required (*)!  

Here we give you some additional information which will help you register correctly:

Field “VAT”

  • Give VAT number of your institutions / university / company if you are coming outside Sweden.
  • Give Organisational number of your institutions / university / company if you are coming from Sweden
  • Private person (if you pay your own) should give his/her personal ID number (personnummer)
  • If you belong to organiser / invited speaker: indicate in the VAT field: "Organiser" / "Invited Speaker"
  • If VAT number or equivalent is missing, mark with an "X"!

Please keep it in mind that

  • VAT (25%) will be charged excluding the prices (see even Conference fee)
  • VAT (moms) is not charged for payments if you belong to one of those Swedish Government authorities or to those institutions / universities (in or outside EU) who have a valid VAT number

Field “Accompanying person"
Please note that you can only pay for your accompanying by credit card on-site (no cash available!) 
Please note that accompanying person can only  join to the dinners if there are places available.

Cancellation must be provided in writing (via e-mail) to the Registration Office - - before 25 May 2017! No fee will be refunded after this date! A processing fee of EUR 100 will be deducted from all refunds.


Latest registration: 25 May 2017