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Professor Thomas Y. Choi

This year’s keynote speach will address research methodology and inspire us all to think outside our current ”research box”.

Building a research stream from a case study

How can a case study be extended to a research stream?

Professor Choi will share his personal story on how one case study published in 2002 (Honda supply network study) led to many subsequent studies on supply base complexity, supplier-supplier relationships, quantitative analysis of supply networks, and most recently what we call “nexus suppliers.” 

The idea is to broaden the view on a case study.

Professor Choi is Professor of Supply Chain Management, Harold E. Fearon Chair of Purchasing Management at W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University.

He is also Executive Director, CAPS Research and Director, Center for Supply Networks (CaSN).

Professor Choi has been Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Operations Management, and been Vice President at Large/Member of Board of Directors, Decision Sciences Institute.

Professor Thomas Y. Choi

Dr. Thomas Choi
Professor of Supply Chain Management
ASU Arizona State University


  • Supply chain design and network structures
  • Supply networks as complex adaptive systems
  • Triads in supply networks
  • Total quality management and continuous improvement involving suppliers