Isolation of hemicelluloses in wood

There are strong incentives to increase the utilization of renewable raw materials. Hemicelluloses are next to cellulose the most abundant renewable resource on earth, and the utilization can be increased enormously. With increased access to hemicelluloses, not only barrier films but also a new generation of plastics, coatings and hydrogels will be introduced onto a future market.


By using membrane processes, hemicelluloses in pulp mill waste water can be recovered and refined into a valuable product. In this way not only can an additional product be obtained, but the need for waste water treatment will be decreased. The waste water treatment is today a considerable cost for pulp mills and may in some cases even be an obstacle that prevents further expansion of the mill. Furthermore, the intake of fresh water to the mill can be decreased as part of the waste water can be recycled.



Contact person: Professor Ann-Sofi Jönsson,

Sidansvarig: | 2015-11-06