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EMS Summer School 2017

34th EMS Summer School 2017
Membranes in Biorefineries
June 26 - 30, 2017

The 34
th European Membrane Society Summer School focusing on “Membranes in Biorefineries” with more than 60 participants was held in Lund and at Bäckaskog Castle in the South of Sweden from June 26 - 30, 2017.

This summer school brought together leading European scientists and industrialists in the areas of membrane technology and biorefineries with students and young researchers in an informal and creative atmosphere. The summer school covered all main aspects of membrane processes and how they can be used in biorefineries. Thus, this summer school provided an inspiring and solid foundation for future cross-border cooperation about membrane processes and their utilisation in the production of platform chemicals and high-value added materials from biomass.

Scientific programme

The core of the scientific programme consisted of 27 tutorial lectures from both academic and industrial European experts within the fields of biorefineries and membrane processes. The aim of the summer school was further supported by poster presentations of the participants presenting their own research and assignments which were jointly solved by the participants in stimulating discussion rounds. Further, during a field trip to the Stora Enso Nymölla mill, the largest tubular membrane plant in the world was visited.

Details on the lecturers and poster presentations can be found in the Book of Abstracts of this Summer School, which can be downloaded from this webpage (see link in the right hand corner). 



·         Concepts and products of biorefineries based on wood, agricultural crops and algae

·         Membranes processes in biorefineries

·         Applications of membrane process in the product and water loop of biorefineries

·         Membranes and modules used in biorefineries

·         Fouling, cleaning and economics of membrane processes for biorefineries



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Scientific Committee

Chaired by Frank Lipnizki (Sweden), Alberto Figoli (Italy), Bart Van der Bruggen (Belgium), Wojciech Kujawski (Poland), Antoine Kemperman (Netherlands), João Crespo (Portugal), Mika Mänttäri (Finland), Cristiana Boi (Italy) and Ann-Sofi Jönsson (Sweden)

Organizing Committee

Chaired by Ann-Sofi Jönsson (Lund University), Frank Lipnizki (Lund University), Cristiana Boi (EMS)