Lunds Tekniska Högskola

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How to get here

Two airports are in the vicinity of Lund. Copenhagen airport, Kastrup, in Denmark (CPH), is located approximately 25 km south-west of Lund. Malmö Sturup airport (MMX) is located approximately 30 km south-east of Lund

The train from Kastrup leaves every 20 minutes between 05.00 – 01.00 and every hour between 00.00 and 05.00 over the Öresund bridge to Lund. If you are on a train not directly to Lund you can change train at Malmö central station. Click on the link below for price information and time table.


From Malmö-Sturup Airport you can take an airport bus to Lund. It stops at Lund central station. Check the link below for price information and time table.



To get from Lund central station to Palaestra

To walk from the train station to Palaestra, Paradisgatan 4, takes about 5 minutes. See MAP.


Be aware of

There are very few parking spaces in central Lund, so if possible, use train or bus instead of car.

If you take a taxi from Copenhagen or Malmö Airport to Lund, do remember to discuss the price with the taxi driver before the journey! Most taxis accept credit cards.