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Open Source Software (OSS) is not only changing our society, but a great way to learn about software development and to get a track record as a junior developer. LUFOSS gives scholarships to persons that contribute to OSS projects with significant utility and impact. Nominees can be students, doctoral candidates, and software developers in their early careers.


  • Utility. The utility of the OSS contribution is assessed in relation to the potential future benefit to end users, other OSS projects, businesses and society.
  • Impact. The impact is assessed in relation to existing proof of, e.g., downloads, usage and recognition by end users, other OSS projects, businesses and society.
  • Öresund Connection. Nominees should have a connection to the Öresund area.


En ökande andel av all den mjukvara som finns i samhället utvecklas numera öppet. Enligt Björn Regnell, professor i datavetenskap vid LTH, är det en ny samhällsinfrastruktur vi ser växa fram. Nu vill han uppmärksamma alla de...[more]

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Lufoss 2016 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Lufoss scholars October 2016: Erik Gärtner, Nilkas Fors and Oskar Wickström.

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