Poster and demo session

Poster: Harmonic Scheduling and Control Co-Design

Presented by: Yang Xu, Anton Cervin, Karl-Erik Årzén

Poster: Beyond Correlation Filters: Learning Continuous Convolution Operators for Visual Tracking

Presented by: Michael Felsberg 

Demo: Real-time visual object tracking demo

Presented by: Michael Felsberg 

Poster: LinkBoard: Advanced Flight Control System for Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Presented by: Mariusz Wzorek

Poster: Bridging the mission-control gap: A flight command layer for mediating flight behaviours and continuous control

Presented by: Piotr Rudol

Poster: RF electronics for 5G wireless

Presented by: Henrik Sjöland

Poster and demo: Intrusion-Damage Assessment and Mitigation in Cyber-Physical Systems for Control Applications

Presented by: Rouhollah Mahfouzi

Poster: Model-Predictive Control with Stochastic Collision Avoidance using Bayesian Policy Optimization

Presented by: Olov Andersson

Poster: Test charters as a vehicle to guide exploratory testing sessions

Presented by: Kai Petersen

Poster: Tensor field exploration

Presented by: Jochen Jankowai, Ingrid Hotz

Poster & demo: On pose estimation and control of small UAVs

Presented by: Marcus, Greiff, Anders Robertsson 

Poster & demo: Real-Time Trajectory Generation using Model Predictive Control

Presented by: Mahdi Ghazaei

Poster: Autonomous Lane-Keeping Maneuvers

Presented by: Victor Fors, Björn Olofsson, Lars Nielsen

Poster and Demonstration: Bloqqi: Feature-oriented Automation Programming

Presented by: Niklas Fors

Poster and Demonstration: OpenModelica Real-Time Control on Embedded Platforms

Presented by: Bernhard Thiele, Peter Fritzson

Poster: Secure Software Isolation and Roots of Trust in 5G Communication

Presented by: Linus Karlsson

Poster: Massive MIMO in Mobile Channels: Real Measurement with LuMaMi

Presented by: Steffen Malkowsky, Liang Liu

Poster: Cellular Terminal Antenna Impedance Tuners in CMOS-SOI

Presented by: Jonas Lindstrand, Henrik Sjöland

Poster: Energy-efficient data converters for 5G

Presented by: Ameya Bhide, Tai Duong, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Mark Vesterbacka, Atila Alvandpour

Poster: Secure Software Isolation and Roots of Trust in 5G Communication

Presented by: Linus Karlsson

Poster: Intelligent input generation for security testing

Presented by: Ulf Kargén

Poster: System-Level Modeling of the Platooning Application in Plexe/Veins

Presented by: Christian Nelson (LU), Nikita Lyamin (HH), Fredrik Tufvesson (LU), Alexey Vinel (HH)

Poster: On the Impact of Sybil Attacks in Cooperative Driving Scenarios

Presented by: Felipe Boeira (HH), Marinho P. Barcellos (UFRGS), Edison P. de Freitas (UFRGS), Alexey Vinel (HH) and Mikael Asplund (LiU)

Poster: Structural tensor field simplification: measuring the robustness of topological features

Presented by: Ingrid Hotz, Jochen Jankowai

Poster: Positioning with large surfaces

Presented by: Fredrik Rusek, Sha Hu

Poster: Delta-Oriented FSM-Based Testing

Presented by: Mahsa Varshosaz

Poster: New Networking Solutions for LTE and WLAN

Presented by: Farnaz Moradi, Nikolaos Pappas

Poster: Resource Allocation with Service Availability and QoS constraints in Mobile Fog Networks

Presented by: Nader Daneshfar

Poster: Real-Time Global Illumination

Presented by: Michael Doggett

Poster: Distributed Robustness Analysis

Presented by: Anders Hansson

Poster: Optimizing Hardware for High Rate Communications

Presented by: Daniel Verenzuela, Emil Björnson

Poster: Massive MIMO Performance - TDD Versus FDD: What do Measurements Say?

Presented by: Jose Flordelis

Poster: Beyond Correlation Filters: Learning Continuous Convolution Operators for Visual Tracking

Presented by: Michael Felsberg

Poster: Antenna Array Based Localization Scheme for Vehicular Networks

Presented by: Marco Marinho (HH) and Alexey Vinel (HH)

Poster: Aegis: Reliable Execution over the Mobile Cloud

Presented by: Jörn W. Janneck

Poster: Gray-Box Conformance Testing for Reactive Symbolic State Machines

Presented by: Mohammad Mousavi

Poster: Sound Conformance Testing for Cyber-Physical Systems

Presented by: Mohammad Mousavi

Terms and conditions for the poster and demo session

  • The intention is that each of the16 ELLIIT projects and sub-projects contribute with two posters.
  • The project posters are based on the 70x100 cm template you can download here. Please note that our pinboards measure 88 x 119 cm.
  • The posters are to be delivered and mounted at a designated pinboard in Kårhusets Gasqusal April 26 no later than 10.15.
  • The project posters are expected to be represented by a project member April 26 during the periods 11.45 to 13.30 and 14.30 to 15.45.
  • In order to enrich this programme page and secure additional logistic needs such as stand-up-tables and electricity for demo equipment contributions not yet listed att this page should be described in the web form (click here) no later than April 11.
  • Joint printing of ELLIIT project posters i Lund: In order to avoid transport and reduce administration and other costs the workshop budget funds two poster printouts per project. This option is now closed.
  • Poster and demo contributions outside the mandatory 2 posters per ELLIIT project are welcome at your own expense, please fill out the same form as above.

Poster timeline in summary:

April 11 - CLOSED: Poster title, presenters and additional logistic needs submitted in the webb-form.

April 18 - CLOSED: Project poster PDF submitted for printing in Lund.

April 26: Poster and demo session in Kårhusets Gasquesal in Lund.

Sidansvarig: | 2017-04-25