THE SWEDISH PAGES in this issue of LTH-news focus mainly on our Master’s theses projects. However, in the English pages I have instead chosen to focus on what’s new at LTH. Google Glass is a new development within mobile technology. You are now able to film, talk and get information directly via your glasses! The lead designer on this project is an LTH alumnus, Isabella Olsson, whom we have written a feature about.

We have visited a biopower plant that is in the process of being built just outside of Lund. It will be powered by wood burners, and may be used for teaching purposes in several of our programmes.

Some of our architecture students have ventured even further afi eld, to participate in a course held in Manila, in the Philippines. This course is gaining in popularity among our students.

You can also read about what Certec, one of the departments at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre, have on show for health care professionals, among others – for example a simple robot that can help elderly people in their homes!


Sidansvarig: tiina.meri@kansli.lth.se | 2015-11-06