Words of the editor

Welcome to the very first issue of the magazine LTH-nytt that features an entire section written wholly in English. The demand for information in English is growing rapidly, and the faculty’s new English-speaking communications executive, Elisabeth Dawson, is currently investigating exactly what our international students and colleagues need. She has contributed to this issue, and also features in a brief interview.

Our international community is significant in size, and the need – and desire – to learn Swedish varies greatly. Many of our PhD students would find it very difficult to fit language studies into their already busy schedules. Likewise, international Master’s students who are here for only a two-year period, and attend courses taught solely in English, might not feel the need to learn the native language. The same applies to the hundreds of exchange students we host every year. I have heard people say that you can get by in Sweden knowing only three words: ‘ja’,’ nej’, and, of course ‘fika’.

The English section of LTH-nytt is, for now, a trial run that will be assessed and evaluated in the coming months. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the necessary resources to translate LTH-nytt in its entirety, but this may well be a possibility in the future.

What we are hoping to give our international readers is a flavour of what can be found in the rest of the magazine, as well as some original articles, written specifically for the English pages. For example, you will find an interview with Per Warfvinge, Assistant Dean for Education and International Relations, in which he emphasises the importance of maintaining an international mindset in everything we do – in our studies, our research and every other part of our organisation.

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the new English pages in LTH-nytt, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact either myself, or Elisabeth Dawson, to share your thoughts.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading our English articles, and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Sidansvarig: tiina.meri@kansli.lth.se | 2015-11-06