PLUME can give you a mentor

PLUME is a mentorship programme for PhD students at LTH that is organized every year. The PhDstudents who participate in the programme will be given mentors who are graduated PhDs with some years of work experience in either industry or academia.


– Most of the research in Sweden is carried out by PhD students. It can seem like a paradox – to perform the work of established researchers as a student. But that is how it is! sais Anders Axelsson, dean of LTH.

The advantage of this education is that everything is done “for real” from the start. On the other hand, it raises heavy demands on the PhD student. A professional mentorship is a very good way to support PhD students.

At the moment there is place for 30 PhD-students and 30 mentors at the program. The program is organized by three PhD-students, one of wich is Kristofer Hellman in applied Geophysics.

It would help the students to get perspective both on themselves and their situation. To receive good advice and reflections from someone who has experienced similar projects is worth gold. At the same time the PhD student gets an outside perspective both on the research process and project work in general. Meanwhile, I think that a mentor in return can become more up to date with what is happening in the academic research.

A mentor with experience from the industry can give insights into the difference between development (R&D) in the industry and research at the university. At LTH there is often time to go to the bottom with a problem. That is even the main challenge.

A mentor with experience as an academic senior researcher can give insights into research traditions and researcher networks. This is important to succeed with grant applications.


If you are interested in participating, you can apply using the form on our webpage before the 5th of February.

Sidansvarig: | 2015-11-06