Strengthening our international relations

As of September of this year, Elisabeth Dawson is LTH’s new English speaking Communications Executive.  Her role, which is split between LTH and the Faculty of Medicine, is intended to improve the quality and availability of information in English at both faculties.


What will your main areas of focus be?


“Formulating that, and deciding which areas to prioritise, is still a work in progress. In broad terms I will be working to improve our English communication, both internally and externally. LTH has an ever-increasing group of international staff and students, and it is important to recognise and address their specific needs for information.”

“The first step is speaking with members of our international community, and finding out where the English information gaps are. Once that is done, we can establish which areas are in most urgent need of attention, and work from there. I would encourage anyone who has ideas or views on this subject, to get in touch with me. All feedback is greatly appreciated.” she adds.

Elisabeth also mentions how important a role communication plays in helping people feel part of a community, especially for someone who is living in a foreign country. For this reason she thinks that, in an ideal world, all information in the workplace should be available in both Swedish and English.


What can you tell us about your background?

My family has always moved around quite a bit, so my childhood was split between Sweden, Canada and England. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Psychology at the University of Stirling, in Scotland, and have since spent the majority of my career in marketing and communications – starting out at a small web design agency in London. Most recently I spent four years working for Ernst & Young (a global professional services firm) in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Elisabeth moved back to Sweden (Helsingborg) at the tail end of 2012, “importing” her Northern Irish husband in the process, and is now doing the daily commute to Lund.

Sidansvarig: | 2015-11-06