Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition finds new form of cancer

A new type of brain tumour has been identified by Spanish researchers using Lund company Qlucore Omic’s software for interactive analysis and identification.

The tumour in question is meningioma, which is the most common type of primary brain tumour, slow-growing and benign. But after surgery, these tumours often recur in a more aggressive form.

This is what Dr Bárbara Meléndez and her colleagues at the Hospital Virgen de la Salud in Toledo have investigated. The group’s important discovery is that meningiomas can be classified in an aggressive and a non-aggressive group and that the tumours can recur as aggressive even with a benign histopathological diagnosis.

The discovery has been confirmed through the analysis of methylation data using the computer program Qlucore Explorer, which visualises large amounts of data as three-dimensional images. Qlucore was launched in 2007 as a cooperation between mathematician Magnus Fontes, from LTH, and clinical geneticist Thoas Fioretos. Among its founders, the company also counts mathematician Johan Råde and Carl-Johan Ivarsson, currently chair of the company board.

Source: Chemicalnet

Sidansvarig: | 2015-11-06