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Thesis seminar: Characterization of UHV system


The coming Thursday, October 5 at 13:15, Omar Adel will present his Master´s Thesis in Electrical Measurements with the title:

    Characterization of an ultra high vacuum system (-by gas accumulation and SRG methods)

The project has been performed at RISE, Borås. Lars Wallman will be the examiner.


This thesis evaluates the concept of characterization process of ultra-high vacuum system, known as SEA5 Serial Expansion Apparatus at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

To produce precisely known pressures in the medium, high, and ultra-high vacuum range for gauge calibrations, the volume expansion system is often used for that purpose. There are different methods to determine the volume or the expansion ratios in such system. The two methods used during the characterization process are the spinning rotor gauge and the gas accumulation, by measuring the pressure before and after an expansion.

Furthermore, implementing the methods in the control software developed in LabView for fully automated characterization process. The achieved results by the methods where not completely in agreement with each other, caused by different reasons.