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LUCAS-dagen October 21th, 2014

Why do we get Dysfunctional IT Systems

Reports of unusable IT systems are commonplace, and the latest of a long line is the police service’s new PUST system. Hundreds of millions of kronor are spent developing systems that eventually are canceled due to occupational safety and health issues. Why is it so hard to commission and develop these systems? Are there any good examples of ones that do what they set out to? Are the public procurement regulations to blame, is the technology inadequate, or do the users simply not know what they want?

This year's LUCAS Day will focus on software procurement, taking an open-minded approach to discussions about potential causes and solutions to the issue. Perhaps we can even identify possible new areas of research on the topic. As is customary, we will also present current research and results from the software research projects at LTH.


09.00 Registration, demos, posters and coffee

09.15-11.00 Why do we get dysfunctional systems? in the MAPCI Lab

09.15  Introduction to LUCAS-day 2014 in MAPCI  Sten Minör

 09.30 Keynote: Experience-reports from challenging IT system procurements Boris Magnusson with guests
09.30-10.15 Sigrun Tallungs - PUST-erfarenheten
10.15-10.35 Henrik Norinder - Juridiska fakulteten, LU om LOU
10.35-11.00 Lars Arrhed - Advokatfirman Lindahl AB - om Agila kontrakt

All day demos and posters

  • The Hajen Question Answering System (Pierre Nugues/Marcus Klang) [More info]
  • Using Kojo to teach kids how to program (Maj Stenmark/Björn Regnell)[More info]
  • Control Strategies For Predictable Brownouts In Cloud Computing (Martina Maggio) [More info]
  • Load-balancing For Cloud Applications With Brownout (Martina Maggio) [More info]
  • SCALARE - SCALing softwARE (Ulf Asklund & Martin Höst) [More info]
  • EASE for Industrial Excellence in Software (Per Runeson m fl) [More info]
  • Finding gaps in requirements-test communication (Elizabeth Bjarnason) [More info]
  • Automation in the bug flow: machine learning for triaging and tracing (Markus Borg)[More info]
  • The need to reconsider WLAN access schemes, beyond CSMA Emma Fitzgerald LTH-EIT
  • Demos of Mobile Robot and Robot Programmed with Natural Language (Klas Nilsson et al) [More info]
  • Wireless Connectivity for ultra-portable devices and Internet of Things (Henrik Sjöland LTH-EIT)
  • Low-power design in the IoT-perspective (Joachim Rodrigues LTH-EIT)
  • Challenges in Test and Reliability (Dimitar Nikolov LTH-EIT)
  • Mobile Communications going Massive (Ove Edfors LTH-EIT)
  • mm-Wave technology and 5G (Daniel Sjöberg LTH-EIT)
  • A Control-theoretical Approach To Thread Scheduling For Multicore Processors (Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos) [More info]
  • Content management in a world of user generated content, efficient cacheing and replication strategies (Saeed Bastani LTH-EIT)

11.00-11.30 Coffee, demos, posters

11.30-12.30 Software research at LTH

Short presentations from software related research projects and groups at LTH:

12.30 Lunch, demos and posters

Lunch is not included in the registration.

13.30-16.00 Panel, presentations, tutorials in parallel tracks

In the MAPCI LabIn the MAPCI Sofa CornerIn MAPCI CloudlandIn MAPCI Cloudberry 1

13.40  Question Answering Systems and the Hajen System (Pierre Nugues/Marcus Klang)

13.50  Controlling Cloud (Martina Maggio)

14.10 Trust in the digital society (Per Runeson)

14.20  MAPCI, Research and Innovation in Mobile Technology(Sten Minör or Björn Landefeldt)

14.40 15 Years experience from Industry-Academia collaboration (The 4+1 View Model and other aspects of Industri–Academia Collaboration) (Sten Minör)

14.50  Using Kojo to teach kids how to program (Maj Stenmark or Björn Regnell)

15.15 Harry Hotline Society (Jan Svensson)

13.45-14.45 TUTORIAL:  Using JastAdd to Support Visual Languages (Niklas Fors/Görel Hedin)[Reserve a seat]

14.50-15.15 PRESENTATION:  Trust in the digital society (Per Runeson) [Reserve a seat]

15.20-15.55 PRESENTATION:  Controlling Cloud (Martina Maggio) [Reserve a seat]

13.30-13.50 The need to reconsider WLAN access schemes, beyond CSMA Emma Fitzgerald LTH-EIT [reserve a seat]

13.50-14.10 Content management in a world of user generated content, efficient cacheing and replication strategies, Saeed Bastani LTH-EIT [reserve a seat]

14.10-14.30 Wireless Connectivity for ultra-portable devices and Internet of Things, Henrik Sjöland LTH-EIT [reserve a seat]

14.30-14.50 Low-power design in the IoT-perspective, Joachim Rodrigues LTH-EIT [reserve a seat]

14.50-15.10 Challenges in Test and Reliability Dimitar Nikolov LTH-EIT [reserve a seat]

15.10-15.30 Mobile Communications going Massive, Ove Edfors LTH-EIT [reserve a seat]

15.30-15.50 mm-Wave technology and 5G, Daniel Sjöberg LTH-EIT [reserve a seat]

16:00-17:00 Formal inauguration of Mobile Heights Center

Please register for the inauguration cermony in advance here:

17.00-19.00 Refreshments, sandwiches, demo and poster session continues

Other LUCAS-days

LUCAS-dagen 2014

The objective of the annual LUCAS-day is to inspire and develop collaboration between industry and academia in the field of applied software research. 

Date: Tuesday, October 21 at 09.00-17.00 (or 19.00)

LUCAS-day is a part of the grand opening of Mobile Heights Center,

Location: Mobilvägen 10, Vattentornet, LTH, Lund

Parking: Parking for LUCAS-day participants at the parking lot in front of the MHC building.

Sten Minör
Linda Malmgren
Anders Borgström
Jonas Wisbrant