Skandinavisk arkitektur och stadsbyggnad i (TFRG75), 7.5 hp

The course Scandinavian Architecture and Urbanism will this year explore the “last futures” of Malmö, the unbuilt architecture intended to radically transform the future of the city, its life and its built environment. This is a period which has been neglected, but which presents the present city in a new light, showing what the city never became. The departure point is that there is an inherent value in exploring the question: how could we live differently? In a period where the future sometimes appears more dark than bright, it seems pertinent to explore the alternatives that were once on the table, not for nostalgic reasons but to hold up a critical mirror to where we find ourselves today. This is a course primarily focusing on carrying out original historical research into Scandinavian architecture and urbanism. In addition to this, the course will provide an orientation to its broader theme: Scandinavian architecture and urbanism, an introduction to historical methods, and it will introduce and discuss modes of representation (collage, montage, etc.), and, towards the end, also on how to communicate research through the medium of the exhibition and/or publication. The course contains both group and individual assignments and the final product will be either a publication or an exhibition disseminating the findings of the course.

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Grundläggande behörighet, samt

General and 180 hp (ECTS) in Architecture and English 6.


  • Höstterminen 2020
  • Kvartsfart
  • Kursperiod 2020-08-31 - 2021-01-16
  • Urval

    Platserna fördelas enligt: Betyg: 34 %, Högskoleprov: 34 %, Akademiska meriter (APGR): 32 %. Universitetet har beslutat att använda giltigt högskoleprovsresultat som skiljekriterium vid lika meriter.

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