To apply for promotion at LTH

Please apply by sending the application to the Careers Board
The application should be written in English.

The Faculty of Engingeering uses a special qualifications portfolio system to document and present merits. Please write your application according to below described disposition and send it as Three connected PDF-files. When applying for promotion to professor a strategic statement should be included in the application.

A.Cover sheetA-G (PDF 1)
C.List of selected publications
D.Research/artistic qualifications portfolio
E.Teaching qualifications portfolio
F.Qualifications portfolio for leadership and administration
G.Qualifications portfolio for innovation, entrepreneurship and external engagement
H.Selected publications/artistic workH (PDF 2)
I.Attachements incl. strategic statement (maximum 50 pages)I (PDF 3)

Here you can download instructions on how to write and compose the application as well as the templates for A-G.

Academic qualifications portfolio at the Faculty of Engineering

Template A-G research qualifications portfolio

Template A-G artistic qualifications portfolio



For further information, please contact:

Ying Pan 046-2223009