Policy for the award of honorary doctorates at Lund University´s Faculty of Engineering (LTH)

(Approved by the LTH board on 11 April 2018, reg. no STYR 2018/225)

Through the award of honorary doctorates, LTH wants to strengthen the image of LTH as a prominent, modern and professional university faculty that creates – for the benefit of the world. The title of honorary doctor at LTH is a great accolade.

The title is awarded to persons who, through significant efforts, have contributed to the development, renewal or visibility of areas linked to the faculty’s activities.

Honorary doctors are to be considered future ambassadors for LTH, and the titles are to be awarded in accordance with LTH’s values and based on the societal challenges the faculty is trying to meet through its activities.

Honorary doctors at LTH are distinguished by a prominent professional contribution of relevance to LTH’s activities, characterised by one or more of the following:
scientific excellence,
-  excellence within education,
-  significant contributions within industry and/or society.

In the assessment of nominees, special emphasis will be placed on:
the nominee’s connection to LTH’s activities through previous or ongoing collaboration or external engagement
-  that the nominee is deemed likely to strengthen LTH through future collaboration or external engagement.

Over time, the honorary doctors are to reflect the breadth of LTH’s activities and highlight its areas of expertise. Gender and diversity perspectives are to be taken into account, and the honorary doctors are to come from different parts of society. Only in exceptional cases can more than three honorary doctorates be awarded per year. A selection process will commence only when at least seven nominations of qualified candidates have been received, of which at least three are of the underrepresented gender. Nominations with wide support at LTH are prioritised.

The decision on honorary doctors at LTH is made by the LTH board, based on the recommendation of the dean. Honorary doctors at LTH cannot have obtained their PhD at LTH, be currently employed at LTH, have legal influence over LTH, or be honorary doctor at another faculty or institute of engineering/technology in Sweden.

Proposals for honorary doctors are confidential until the decision has been made and the nominated person has been informed.