Immuno technology

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Antibody engineering

Antibodies and other molecules that specifically recognize specific targets, often in complex mixtures of molecules such as found in various biological samples, have come to have an immense impact in biomedicine, biotechnology and research. Research groups at the Dept. of Immunotechnology exploit tools in molecular engineering to design novel molecules with properties that are appropriate for the intended application.

Our research focuses on the following aspects of molecular engineering:

  • Synthetic antibody library design (PI Mats Ohlin)
  • Antigen-designed antibody libraries (PI Mats Ohlin)
  • High-throughput antibody generation (PI Mats Ohlin)
  • Evolution of carbohydrate-specific probes - an alternative to antibodies for certain applications (PI Mats Ohlin)
  • Human antibodies against cytomegalovirus. (PI: Mats Ohlin)

Our engineered antibodies are exploited in a variety of applications, for instance in relation to our research in affinity proteomics, cancer, allergy and autoimmunity and infectious disease.

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