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The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University is very active within the area of teaching and student learning and it has its own academic development unit, closely associated with the teachers in the faculty.

The Academic Development Unit (ADU) at LTH bases all its activities on the theories of Scholarship of teaching and learning (Boyer 1990). These activities include pedagogical courses, consulting, evaluations, research on teaching and learning, and arenas promoting pedagogical discussions such as seminars, newsletters, a biannual campus conference and a pedagogical reward-system "Pedagogical Academy".


Pedagogical courses

In the pedagogical courses the course participants (university teachers) reflect upon their own teaching experience and work on self-chosen projects directly related to their practice. These projects are reported in a scholarly way, incorporating the use of educational literature and peer review by colleagues within the same course or within the faculty where the teacher is active. The purpose of these courses has been to promote scholarly conversations about teaching and learning that focus on the teachers’ own pedagogical experience.

In that spirit the development projects made by teachers in our educational courses are made available for all course participants.

Pedagogical project reports from our courses

Our pedagogical courses in English


Pedagogical Academy

The Pedagogical Academy is a reward-system that was developed to bring increased status to teaching and learning and to improve the overall pedagogical competence at the faculty. Scholarly approaches to teaching are rewarded by monetary payments to both individuals and departments for their efforts to increase the quality of student learning. The idea, from an organizational perspective, is that an intensified and informed pedagogical discussion among teachers will foster educational development at all levels within the faculty and an increased engagement in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Pedagogical Academy is scholarly, research based, and aligned with basic academic values within the organization.

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Research on teaching and learning

A basis for our work is our own research on teaching and learning. We also support teachers who want to do research on their teaching practice.

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Campus conference

Every second year, since 2003, ADU organises a conference about teaching and learning. This is both to support and encourage teachers to do research about their own teaching practice, and to spread good examples of educational development. The conference is also an important arena for teachers to meet and discuss teaching and learning within the faculty.

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Newsletters and reports

Four times per year ADU produces a newsletter, where the articles (written in Swedish or English) mostly are written by the faculty teachers. Example of articles are “Grading of project work – Experiences from assessment with grades”, “Is the message clear? How much of a lecture do the students perceive?”, “Pair Lecturing - Catching that teachable moment”. We also have a pedagogical report series together with Engineering Education.

Our newsletters

Our reports



To be able to support teachers and departments with the teaching and learning issues that concerns them the most, ADU also works on a consultant basis, supporting pedagogical development at the faculty.

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Evaluation of the educational activities at the faculty is an important part for further development. ADU helps teachers and departments with evaluations (for example through focus groups), besides the general faculty evaluation system, based on CEQ (Course Evaluation Questionnaire).

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