Longer rides are part of the weekly commuting. Getting you from A to B in an efficient manner and fast manner. The bike is like an old friend of yours, one that would follow you in sunshine and rain and will hold on to your valuebles, so you can focus on the road.

You can feel your heart pumping blood down to you legs, they scream for more and it burns in that lovely way. Your mind is completely calm, cars are passing by and the thought of their owners going to a crowded gym to stay fit makes you smile. Your gym is here, the asphalt is your weight and the wind is your music.

The sun is slowly climbing over the horizon, you change gear and speed up. You know in your heart that this is the way to go.

To do something about the shortcomings of standardised products rather than accepting to live with them is to make progress. The maker revolution is here, and inspired riders are encouraged to prototype, play and explore the E22C as a prototyping platform to continue pushing the incredibly refined commuter envelope. A flexible grid of holes enables users to attach different accessories in order to quickly change not only the carrying capabilities of the bike but also empower simple user-inspired solutions to their changing needs.