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Exclusive seminar series

In the first year, particular emphasis is given to Lund University and LTH awareness, various career pathways, teamwork, communication and leadership. The format is based on monthly one-day standalone sessions with inspirational guest speakers, and a start-up and closing two-day overnight seminar. This comprehensive one-year curriculum will enable participants to expand their network and develop their academic career plans. Whatever those plans are, participants will benefit significantly from their first year in LTH Career Academy.

How will you benefit?

The first year of the LTH Career Programme provides and encourages:

  • Formation of networks for professional development, encouragement and fun
  • Identifying career pathways
  • Accelerating career development
  • Advancing your pedagogical skills
  • Advancing your leadership skills
  • Gaining academic qualifications towards a senior lecturer position and employment security
  • Improving confidence in self-assessing your qualities and skills

Preliminary time schedule





3-4 Oct 2022

Kick-off, two days

Get to know each other and the program, popular science presentations

Out of town, Villa Thalassa

27 Oct 2022

Role as a researcher

Quality in research, research funding, CV, how to assess funding applications

Lund, Elite Hotell Ideon

19 Nov 2022

Role as an educator

Higher education ordinance and act, course responsibility, CEQ, pedagogical training, LTH yearly cycle

Lund, Elite Hotell Ideon

8 Dec 2022

University in society

Collaboration and integration with society, LU innovation

Lund, Elite Hotell Ideon

16-17 Jan 2023

Leadership, two days

Recruitment, leading organizations, group development, conflict management

Out of town, The Lodge

16 Feb 2023

My LU and LTH 

LU as an organization - who does what, who takes decision and what is my role, Meet leaders of LTH

Lund, Elite Hotell Ideon

16 March 2023

Other environments

Swedish system in a European context, strategies and expectations, careerpaths

Lund, Elite Hotell Ideon

18 April 2023

Ethics and academic conduct

Regulations, ethical assessment, responsibilities in a group, create the ‘mind-set’ of ethics, disciplinary committees, academic freedom

Lund, Elite Hotell Ideon

22-23  May 2023

The end of the beginning, two daysInspirational academics, plan the future, start of mentorship programmeOut of town, Mossbylund


The LTH Career Academy Programme is held in English and is open to all newly appointed associate senior lecturers in all subject areas at the Faculty of Engineering LTH.

Applications are made through Applicants should submit a two-page CV and a 300-word supporting statement detailing why they wish to participate in the programme. The application deadline is the 31st of August 2022. For further information or any queries, please contact the LTH Career Academy Team.

Commitment requirements

To successfully complete the first year of the programme, we expect active participation and engagement with at least 80% attendance. In addition to the start-up, mid-term, and closing two-day overnight seminars, participants are expected to participate in the monthly, one-day sessions (8.30-16.30). Upon completion, participants will receive a well-deserved certificate.