Health care

Non-emergency situation

We recommend you to call 1177 if it is a non-emergency health-related situation. The number is free of charge and open 24/7. You will get medical advice (also in English) from a registered nurse, including a diagnosis based on your symptoms. In case you need to visit a doctor, you will be referred to the appropriate health-care clinic.

Read more about the different health-care clinics in the student guide

Emergency 112

For emergencies or life-threatening situations, call 112. It is also possible to go to the emergency ward (akutmottagning) at the University Hospital, 24 hours a day.

Read more on health care on Lund University's central website

Insurance through Lund University for exchange and international master’s students

If you are staying in Sweden for more than a year you should apply for a Swedish personal identity number at the tax office. This entitles you to pay the same reduced patient fees for public health care as for Swedish citizen.

On top of that all incoming students to Lund University are covered by an extra insurance through the university.

Read more on which insurance you are covered by and how it works

This extra insurance covers all your expenses for acute illness and accidents. Please note that this insurance doesn’t cover planned medical care. You are covered for emergency medical care which is defined in the terms and conditions as "care for symptoms that arise suddenly during the insurance period and for which the insured must seek medical aid within a few days.”

This means that if you visit the health-care clinic or the hospital for acute illness you can get the money back for the doctor’s appointment and for any prescribed medicine. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the doctor
  2. Pay the fee  (if possible, otherwise turn to Cecilia Nilsson at the International Office LTH)
  3. Save the original receipts
  4. Fill in the claim form
  5. Bring the claim form and the original receipts to Cecilia Nilsson at the International Office LTH who will sign and send it to the insurance company Kammarkollegiet

Kammarkollegiet will review and pay back the money within approximately three weeks.

Please note that Lund University cannot determine if you are eligible for reimbursement by the insurance. It is always Kammarkollegiet that determines your eligibility. You should always try to file a claim form if you are unsure. Kammarkollegiet will base their evaluation on the information you state in the claim form about what happened.

Contact information

Dial 112

Free medical advice
Dial 1177

Emergency psychiatric care (Lund) 
+46 (0)46 17 41 00

Health centres
Find health centres on the Region Skane website

Health Care in Lund

The Student Guide has detailed information regarding local health clinics, pharmacies and other health related information. 

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