Anonymised assessment

Anonymised assessment

At LTH, all written invigilated exams are anonymous and require students to register on the Student Portal.

Upon registration, you will be assigned an anonymised assessment code that will be used by the lecturer to assess the exam and register your results. Lecturers are not able to identify a student from their assessment code.

The code is given to you at your exam, then the invigilator controls your identification.

This system is rarely used for take-home exams, oral exams, quizzes or written assignments. The system could be used for these purposes, but then it will be determined at the course level, in which case the course instructor will inform their students.

If the course is offered by a non-LTH department and combines students from other faculties, it is not certain that the exam will be marked anonymously. Check with the course instructor if you wish to know what applies to your course.

Personal identifier

To ensure that your exam can be connected to you in case something goes wrong with the anonymised assessment code, you must include a so-called personal identifier on all submitted sheets of the exam.

The personal identifier is a short sentence or a code of your choice. It must not reveal your identity and you should not share it with anyone. You can use the same personal identifier for all exams during one exam period.

Normally, the personal identifier is not used at all. If there is no other way to identify the examinee, the department will contact the students in question and ask for their personal identifier.

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