How do I become a PhD student at LTH?

Doctoral studies at LTH require four years of studies (240 ECTS credits). During the studies, the candidate writes a doctoral thesis that is publically defended. Doctoral studies include both course work and active research at one of the LTH's 20 departments.

LTH puts a strong emphasis on recruiting students who have good potential to benefit from research studies. Information about research studies is available from LTH departments and in the form of talks, information meetings, attendance at careers fairs, brochures and websites.

If you are interested in applying for research studies, you are advised to first contact the department where you would like to study. The departments provide information about how research studies are conducted in the subject, what possible research assignments are available, sources of funding, etc.

Overview of departments at LTH

PhD/Doctoral studies at LTH can include:

  • Formally admitted to a doctoral programme at LTH
  • As an exchange student as part of a doctoral programme at the student's home university
  • Within a "sandwich-programme” where a doctoral student divide their time between LTH and a partner university abroad.

For each of these modes different rules and procedures apply.


Those who are admitted to research studies at LTH are usually also appointed as an employee on a doctoral studentship at the department.

Avaliable vacancies at LTH 

Studying with a doctoral studentship

Recruitment of a new doctoral student usually commences with the department obtaining funding for a doctoral studentship. Once the funding is secured, the doctoral studentship vacancy is advertised with concurrent admission to research studies.

Studying with alternative sources of funding

If a student place is not linked to a doctoral studentship and the doctoral student is funding his or her studies in another way, the student is said to have "alternative funding". For research studies at LTH, doctoral grants or student finance are not acceptable means of funding, because they do not offer adequate conditions for the student.

If a student place is financed with alternative funding, a vacancy does not have to be announced. The funding is often linked to a specific candidate in order to enable exchange with industry or other countries. Examples of this type of funding are industry-employed doctoral students and international doctoral students who have funding from their home country.

Am I eligible for research studies?

In order to be admitted to research studies, you must meet all the admission requirements stated in the syllabi. You must also be considered in other respects to have the ability required to complete the programme.

Syllabi/research studies subjects (Student website LTH)

For more detailed information about admissions, eligibility, selection and funding, see LTH's general regulations for research studies. 

Forms and regulations (Student website LTH)

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