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Faculty of Engineering - LTH, are hosting a series of webinars on study techniques for students at LTH. Each webinar has a theme, focusing on remote studies. The webinar is co-hosted by Björn Liljeqvist, an engineer and the Chairman of Mensa International.

Why? The webinars covers tips and tricks on how to manage home studies, including study techniques to be successful with your studies. The goal is that you (as a student) find study strategies and motivation that positively influence your study results.

How? The webinars will be avaliable to join in Zoom as well as recoded and published in Canvas afterwards (LU learning platform). Head of International Office Emelie Stenborg, together with a student from LTH, will co-host and ask questions from the students attending the webinar. Hence, if you are participating in the webinar you can ask questions through the chat.

Who? Björn Liljeqvist, MSc and author of popular handbooks on how to study efficiently. Björn is Chairman of Mensa International and runs his own company BrainGain.

The webinars are arranged by the International office at LTH.

Webinar 1: Home alone - Study skills in times of quarantine: Motivation, routines and keeping up the good work.

Webinar 2: Power tools for learning: Methods and tools for improving memory and comprehension when studying on one's own.

Webinar 3: Reading fast and slow: How to manage demanding course literature.

Link to the webinars in Canvas

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