Registration of public defence

Registration of public defence is made by the supervisor no less than 8 weeks before the date for public defence. Please note that these eight weeks must be between 15th of August and Friday before Midsummer eve (about middle of June).

Please note that for public defences carried out as of 6 November 2020, registration must be made 12 weeks before the date for public defence due to the introduction of preliminary reviews of doctoral theses.

Information about preliminary reviews (PDF, 126 kb)

Important dates in the review process (PDF, 389 kb)

The doctoral student must first have made a booking of date for public defence.

Please note that you have to print out the a pdf-form, sign it and send it to the administration office (LTHs kansli). It is not enough to register the information in the database.


You log in with your LUCAT id and password. Questions about LUCAT is answered by LDC servicedesk: 046-222 90 00,

If your personal identity number changed after 2018-03-26, you need to submit your old temporary registration number (t-number) in the system.


  1. If you want to make a new registration you fill in the civic registration number (personnummer) of the doctoral student and click "next".
  2. If you have an unfinished registration a link occurs which you can use to go directly to the form.
  3. Fill in the form. Attach the thesis, the opponents and members of the committees brief CV (in one PDF) under the fifth tab "Förslag på fakultetsopponent", popular summary, authors contributions to the papers and the protocol signed by the supervisor and the director of studies . Press the "i-buttons" for information about the fields. All information does not have to be filled in at once. You can save the form and come back later to complete it. More information regarding the Examining Committee.
  4. Every time you save the form you are presented with a receipt that tells which fields that are correct and which are missing.
  5. To complete a registration repeat step 2-3.
  6. When all data has been filled in a button on top of the page becomes active. When you press this button you are presented with a pdf-form. This form is printed and signed by the supervisor. Send in the signed form to the administration office, (LTHs kansli). By this the registration is locked and a confirmation is sent to the administration office (LTHs kansli). If you want to make any further changes, you have to contact the administration office (LTHs kansli).

Documents needed for the registration:

  1. Thesis
    The dissertation document that needs to be uploaded in connection with the registration of the public defence is a preliminary version of the thesis and should contain a relatively detailed list of contents, including even incomplete parts. If it is a compilation dissertation, the thesis's kappa and articles must be in a document and included articles must be in at least manuscript form. The status of the articles must be reported; published, accepted, under review, under review or when it is expected to be completed. If significant parts of the dissertation are not completed, the doctoral student and the supervisor must declare that they find it reasonable that they will be finish on time.
  2. Minutes of preparatory meeting
  3. Information on the respondent's contribution to completed work
    Will also be included in the dissertation.
  4. The Opponent's and the Examination Board Members' brief CV
    In one PDF under the fifth tab "Förslag på fakultetsopponent".
  5. Popular scientific summary in Swedish or English
    Sshould also be included in the dissertation.


Administration of the public defence


Maria Bajuk
Phone: +46 46-222 89 13 

Technical questions and error report

Yens Wahlgren
Phone: +46 46 222 31 49

Registration of public defence

Review of the registration

The postgraduate education committee decides on the registration of a public defence.

Postgraduate courses are divided into 5 review groups. Each group is led by a postgraduate education leader. Reporting of a public defence is reviewed by the group and decisions are then made on the delegation of the postgraduate or alternative co-examiner.

Please note that the Department of Chemistry is divided into 2 groups.

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