Register for courses

Students need to register for courses at the beginning of each study period. 

  1. One week before each study period you will receive a reminder via email (at the email address registered in Ladok).
  2. Register for the courses you intend to study in Ladok for students. (If you change your mind about studying the course you need to cancel your registration within three weeks). 

Are you studying a 2-year International Master’s Programme at LTH?

To be able to register for the first courses in study period 1, year 1, you need to contact the International Office LTH and show your ID.

Do you have problems to register?

  • Contact the course administrator and make sure that they have checked that you fulfil the entry requirements for the course.
  • If you are a fee-paying student, please remember that you must pay your tuition fee to be able to register and study courses.

Fee-paying students

You must pay for the courses you register for. You can change your mind within three weeks from the start of the study period. If you cancel the course within three weeks you don’t have to pay for the course. If you fail to de-register from the course within three weeks from the start of the course you will be charged for the course. You can cancel your course yourself in Ladok.

If you have paid the tuition fee and have problems to register for courses, please your international coordinator to sort out the problem.

Do you want to repeat a course for a second time?

If you want to study a course for a second time (and not just take a re-exam), please contact the course administrator to get re-registered for the course. 

Is it time to start your degree project?

Read more on how to register for a degree project

Register for courses

Register for courses in Ladok. You can register for courses using one of the platforms below:

Student portal

Ladok for students (preferable if you are using your mobile)

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