Preparing for your studies

Congratulations! You have been admitted to an international master’s programme at the Faculty of Engineering LTH, Lund University. You can start preparing for your life and studies in Lund, Sweden. 

Visit Lund University’s central website for useful information about student housing, residence permit, tuition fee payment, financial matters, student life in Lund and much more.

We strongly advice you to arrive on Arrival day, which is the starting date of two orientation weeks designed to help you get settled and get the best possible introduction to your studies. There are also many activities aimed for you to find new friends. The Orientation Weeks are very important for your future success with your studies. Some parts are mandatory.

Some advice from your coordinator: 

Preparing for your studies

It is good to get familiarised with your programme syllabus. Which subjects are mandatory, which are elective?

Some of you want to know more details about your future courses or want to prepare by reading the books in advance. You can find out the details by opening the course list and by clicking on the KE after each course name.

What will my schedule look like? Make your own schedule with the help of the schedule generator.

Preparing for your social life

  • Sign up for our field-trip to Kullaberg! Every year the International Office LTH arranges a field trip to Kullaberg as a way of getting to know the other master’s students here at LTH and of course to show you a little bit of the surrounding landscape.
  • Each master’s programmes at LTH has an ambassador. Most ambassadors make sure you can get in contact with your fellow classmates before your come. This way you can help each other out with questions you might have and perhaps even travel here together. They also arrange a gathering for the new students together with students in year two of your programme.
  • Sign up to get a mentor… or two. The student union (TLTH) do their best to give both national and international students a fun introduction with lots of social activities for you to have fun and find new friends. You can sign up to get a mentor both from TLTH and from the central LU International Desk.
  • To be successful with your studies a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities is important. A network of friends can help a lot if things start to feel tough and/or you get homesick. 

Conditionally admitted students

Remember to submit your diplomas as soon as possible to your profile at

When can I go home for Christmas?

Programme syllabus and programme structure

Course list

Schedule generator

Need extra support during your studies?

Contact the student health centre before arrival so that they can make preparations for you

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