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How do I find my programme coordinator?

To get assistance with your application for credit transfer please contact your programme coordinator. Please click on the link below to find the programme coordinator for your programme.

Contact information programme coordinators

Below links will direct you to LTH:s student pages in Swedish:

Architecture - MARK programme coordinator
Biotechnology - MBIO programme coordinator
DRMCCA - MKAT programme coordinator
EEBD - MEMB programme coordinator
EEE - MSOC programme coordinator
FIPDes - MFIPDES programme coordinator
Food Tech. and Nut. - MLIV programme coordinator
IMFSE - MFST programme coordinator
Industrial Design - MID programme coordinator
Logistics and SCM - MLOG programme coordinator
Production and ME - MPRR programme coordinator
Sust. Urban Design - MSUD programme coordinator
Wireless Com. - MWIR programme coordinator
Water Resources Eng. - MWLU programme coordinator


Contact your international coordinator

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