Schedule and courses

Schedule generator

Check your schedule and print it with the LTH schedule generator.

  1. Open the schedule generator
  2. Click on “Schedule LTH” to see your schedule in English
  3. Enter the course code or the name of the course and click the search button.
  4. Click on your course name
  5. Repeat these steps for each course you’re taking. Once you’ve entered all your courses, click the button “Show schedule” to see an overview of all your courses
  6. You can get a link to your schedule (chain icon), print it (printer icon) or export it to your calendar or to a file (customise icon)

Programme-schedule generator

You can generate a schedule over your mandatory courses in your master programme. 

  1. Follow step 1-2 in the previous guide
  2. Choose "Group" in the drop-down menu
  3. Write the code of your master programme 
  4. Select the programme code and "Show schedule"

Masters programmes code (PDF, 103 kb)

Combined schedule over courses from different faculties

If you are taking courses at other faculties than LTH, and want to generate a combined schedule, you choose "show filter" (to the right in the banner) and check the boxes of the other faculty/faculties you are taking courses at. 

Curricula and course information

Curricula and timetables for LTH programmes by academic year.

Curricula and course information (LTH course portal)

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