LTH:s Medarbetarwebb



LDC is responsible for telephones at LTH. If you have questions or issues regarding telephones, please contact LDC ServiceDesk:

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday, 08-17

If you need to order new telephone services, please contact the Service and Technology office, who coordinate all telephone orders at the Faculty Office.


Salut is Lund University's internal phone catalogue. You can search using both name and phone number. You can also use Salut to set an outgoing message for your phone if you are, for example, in a meeting or on annual leave.

The system is currently only available in Swedish.

Register on Salut

You log in using your extension number (anknytning) and password (lösenord). The first time you use Salut, your password is also your extension number. You can then change your password in your settings (inställningar). If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password on the Salut log-in screen by clicking on the link "Begär nytt lösenord".

Search without logging in

You can search without logging in. On the log-in screen, simply click on the link "Sök utan att logga in".